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Cognitive Biases and Problem Solving (Decision Heuristics): Shortcuts Causing Poor Audit Decisions

Course Overview
This course provides an introduction to cognitive biases and decision heuristics and the impact they have on decision makers' judgments. This includes cognitive biases that are particularly relevant to the wide range of decision contexts in independent auditing. This course also describes several methods that have been used to mitigate the impact of cognitive biases on decision makers' judgments.

Learning Objectives
Upon successful completion of this segment, you should be able to:

  • Identify overall characteristics of cognitive bias
  • Differentiate between types of cognitive bias and their impact on auditing
  • Recognize techniques used to reduce bias in the auditing process

    Catalog Number: 99KNA16
    CPE Credits: 1 Registry / 1 QAS
    Author: Michael Chris Knapp
    Advanced Preparation:
    Course Level: Basic
    Field of Study: Auditing
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    QAS: QAS Certified based on 50 minute hours.
    Course Type: Self-Study
    Minimum Passing Grade: 70%
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