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Tax Analysis of Investments Using the Internet (Updated)

Course Overview
Taxes aren't taxes - they are dollars in terms of the net return on investment. All tax professionals need to know the tax-economics of investing for themselves and their clients. The tax professional is in a special position to detect a client's need for financial planning. Preparing returns discloses assets, savings, business entities, and family members. This course explores and analyzes the basic concepts of cash management, budgeting, savings, investment goals and asset selection using a variety of tools found on the Internet. The rapid rise of the Internet as a broad-based and effective investment tool accentuates the practitioner's need for Internet familiarity.

Learning Objectives
After completing this course, the course participant should be able to:

  • Identify investment goals and purposes noting their differences by:
    - Specifying the impact of inflation and taxes (versus tax free) on an investment's rate of return,
    - Determining methods of cash management and budgeting noting the role of savings in wealth creation, and
    - Recognizing corporate and self-employed retirement plans stating their cost, operation, and application to client needs.
  • Specifying the key financial planning elements in the acquisition and management of investments and identify forms of physical and financial assets noting their investment characteristics, and
  • Recognize active and passive investment strategies specifying situations where they might meet client financial objectives.
    Catalog Number: 99SANT16-v2
    CPE Credits: 2 Registry / 2 QAS
    Author: Danny Santucci
    Advanced Preparation:
    General understanding of federal income taxation
    Course Level: Basic
    Field of Study: Taxes
    Content Partner: SmartPros Ltd.
    QAS: QAS Certified based on 50 minute hours.
    Course Type: Self-Study
    Minimum Passing Grade: 70%
    Soft/Hardware Reqs.:  Adobe Acrobat® Reader for the .pdf files
     Adobe® Flash® Player 9 or higher
     56k or Greater Internet Connection
     Modern DHTML Compatible Browser
     Ram: 256 MB minimum
     Windows or Mac OS
    Release/Expiration Dates: Dec 13, 2017 / Feb 15, 2020