Business Process Improvement and Reengineering

Thinking Agile: How to Use Agile Principles in Business Leadership

Course Overview
You've probably heard the buzzword Agile everywhere in the business world, around the virtual water cooler all the way up to the corporate boardroom. Once practiced in the dark arts of software development, Agile has become a trending style across business operation and planning, particularly in project and team management. But it's more than a buzzword or trend - Agile is a new way of solving age-old business problems.

Learning Objectives:

After completing this course, the course participant should be able to:

  • Define the Agile mindset using the Agile manifesto and principles
  • Identify the current business trends that have led to increasing Agile adoption
  • Recognize how to apply key Agile principles to project and team management
  • Determine which Agile process would best apply to common leadership scenarios

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    Prerequisites/Advanced Preparation:


    Speaker / Author:

    Joshua Hester is the Program Director of Kaplan IT Training. Joshua has written, talked, taught and breathed code for over twenty years, and is an on-off trainer and writer on the IT industry, including cybersecurity, agile management methodologies and mobile development using open-source technologies. Joshua earned a BA in English from Colgate University and holds an M Ed from Kaplan University. He is also a certified Project Management Professional, Linux Professional, Microsoft Office and Azure Specialist, Certified Ethical Hacker, and holds certifications for A+, Linux+, Network+, i-Net+, Mobile Security and Java.

    Software & Hardware Requirements:

    • 56k or Greater Internet Connection
    • Adobe Acrobat® Reader for the .pdf files
    • Adobe® Flash® Player 9 or higher
    • Modern DHTML Compatible Browser
    • Ram: 256 MB minimum
    • Sound card with speakers/headphones
    • Windows or Mac OS

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    Standard Rate: $24.95


    Course Code : 99HES01

    Length : 50min
    Course Level : Basic
    Course Type : Self-Study
    Passing Grade : 70%
    Format Type : eLearning
    Mobile Compatible
    Field Of Study : Management Services

    Theme : Business Process Improvement and Reengineering

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